"In this ever-changing world of rules and regulations, it is more important than ever to make sure that you have a comprehensive understanding of the entire NCAAA recruiting and admission process.
Rick Pound proved to be a true friend and authority, at a most critical time for our family.  Without his involvement, my son may have lost his eligibility and financial assistance due to an oversight beyond our knowledge.  We can't over emphasize the importance of Rick's program and the need to make it an integral part of your college search process.

                                  - John and Susan Burt (Parents of Brennan, 2008 Football @ Campbell University)

"This program is a must for school districts.  As an experienced coach, counselor, and administrator, Rick provides a wealth of knowledge and real strategies to help student- athletes maximize their opportunities.  His expertise and student centered approach make this a worthwhile program."

- Brian Donohue
Director of Athletics, Honeoye Falls-Lima Central School Distric

“Having Rick Pound work with us was the difference in engineering thru the NCAA process. Even the college coaches we spoke to would refer issues to Rick as his wealth of knowledge covers all details from A to Z.  We had no idea of the many variables involved in insuring acceptance into the school of our choice. His knowledge, experience and guidance were of great value. It is always helpful to recognize a step by step process and having it explained in a logical manner.  We’ll always be grateful for his services.”                                                                                                                                         
                                                                                                                                                                  - Joe Huber


"We found Rick to be very professional and helpful.  The college search process is a stressful and confusing time.  Rick made this process much less stressful.  He offered many helpful suggestions that allowed us to take adavntage of the many opportunities out there.  We would recommend Rick to anyone looking to help during the search to find the college that best fits your child."

                           - Henry & Pam Savage, (Parents of Heather, 2009 Swim Team @ Clemson University)


"The guidelines and the process that you outlined in your booklet 'Packaging Academics with Athletics' got us started properly. ... Your coaching helped us greatly during our unofficial visits during the summer, and the practice and poise that she developed in meeting the various coaches really helped when she went on the official recruiting visits during the fall and winter. You were always available and extremely responsive to our questions."

                      - Jim and Sharon Kubeja (Parents of Lynn, 2008 Cross Country Team @ Boston College)

"Mr. Pound taught me that academics are first and foremost. ... He really had to keep that in mind for me because I'm just like 'dive, dive, dive.' I just wanted to go to a school for diving."

                                    - Katie Shipe, Captain, 2003 University of Richmond Swimming and Diving Team

"Your presentation embodied professionalism, humor and wonderful real life examples ... We are highly recommending your presentation to any student athlete who is looking to broaden his or her knowledgebase on how to systematically approach the daunting task of being accepted into an institution of higher education."

                                                                                                                  - Gregory Herbst, Administrator