Initial Academic Consultation - $150.00

  • Provide Academic Counseling in the form of Transcript Review & Academic Recommendations

  • Assist in preparing an Action Plan to compare colleges for "Right Fit" for the student-athlete

  • Offer advice on solid and proven techniques for communicating with colleges.

  • Share marketing strategies to promote the student-athlete to college coaches and admission offices.

  • Assist the student-athlete in filing her NCAA Eligibility Center form.

School Counselor Training
  • Inform the counselors about the requirements of the NCAA and NCAA Eligibility Center
  • Analyze the schools list of Approved Core Courses against their Course offerings
  • Educate the counselors on the Total Process
  • Establish a Plan of Action for the counselors to follow each year and sports season
  • Explain and demonstrate potential Trouble Areas
  • Teach the counselors how to be a Total Resource for their student-athletes
  • Starting at $500 and will be dependent on the number of participants

Group Seminars

  • up to 90 minutes
  • Starting at $750.00

Contract and Deposit

  • 50% of seminar fee is required to confirm and reserve date
  • Balance due upon completion of program
Travel Expenses
  • Any necessary travel accommodations will be added to program fee. This includes automobile, hotel, airfare, ground transportation, and meals.
  • Detailed estimate of these expenses will be outlined for review prior to contract signing.
Cancellation Policy
  • If the program is canceled for any reason (60) days or more prior to original date, speaker agrees to reschedule original contract terms for a period of up to one year.
  • If the program is canceled at any time less than (60) days from the original date, payment-in-full is due by original date.