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About Rick

For the past two decades, Richard Pound has been dedicating his life to counseling youth toward higher academic achievement and athletic excellence through his roles as an Administrator, Athletic Director, high school counselor, and varsity coach.

Using his own personal experience of leveraging his football talent to help pay for the first of several Masters Degrees, Rick immediately understood the great value of "packaging" these assets together. His only regret is that he didn't learn this at a younger age, when it would   have been even more valuable. Thus, his passionate journey began and Packaging Academics with Athletics was well on its way.
Packaging Academics with Athletics is a one-of-a-kind, consultation program, and now available in print, specifically designed for student-athletes to help them understand all of their options and how to effectively market themselves to maximize their potential for advanced scholastic achievement.

This program will teach parents and student-athletes how to see the "Big Picture" of college academics and athletics. The main focus is how to effectively and positively market the student and their sport to gain the attention of higher academic institutions. This program will provide greater insight into what to expect at the next level of academics and athletics.

His message is clear: "I want student-athletes to understand that choosing a college should be based on educational value. Sports, and one's ability to play at these higher levels, can be taken away at a moment's notice due to injury, increased competition, and something as uncontrollable as a coaching change. However, no one can ever take away someone's education."

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Seminar Topics Covered

  • Who is Looking Out for the Student-Athlete
  • What College Admission Officers Look For:
    • The Goal of Communication
    • Know What you are Buying
    • Financial Aid
    • The “Big Business” of Colleges
  • Junior College Options
  • The Four-Quarter Process - Athletically & Academically
  • Preparation is the Key
  •  Campus Visits
  • Processing after the College Visit
  • Narrowing the Field of Competition
  • Start Smart - Marketing your Athletics in Seven Simple Steps
  • Athletic Resumes
  • Scholarships
  • How to Handle Recruiter
  • NCAA Eligibility Center
  • NAIA Opportunities
  • Student-Athletes with Learning Needs
Rick is available for
guest speaking appearances
 and group seminars.