Marketing Your Athletics

Selecting a college and making career plans are two of the most important decisions to be made by high school student-athletes and their parents.

These choices are not easy to make as the costs of a college education continues to rise (i.e. tuition, room & board, and the time commitment to your chosen sport).

Your education is an investment in the future.
Student-athletes and their parents must be savvy game players - understanding the rules surrounding the recruitment process, mitigating the efforts of zealous coaches, asserting themselves with coaches, admissions, and financial aid personnel, and working productively on their own behalf to enter the college sport program of interest.

There are many high school athletes who would like to play a sport in college, but do not know how to begin the process of selecting a college that is right for them academically and athletically. They do not know what should be done: when to begin their search, how to search, or even whom they can call for help.

This guide has been developed as a tool to better server the student-athletes and parents in the process of preparing for and selecting a college or university. This presentation is not intended to be all-inclusive, but focuses on key elements as they occur from the beginning of the recruitment process through the end.